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Relationships. They make life worth living. What if you could improve nearly every relationship in your life by simply understanding yourself and others better? That is the gift of the Enneagram. It is an ancient personality system that uses language to describe our motivations and fears, and even shows us paths for growth and transformation. That is where the power is. It's an invitation for self discovery and a guide toward health and wholeness.

The Enneagram is a wisdom tool that identifies and describes 9 different ways of viewing the world. So which number, aka Type, do you identify with? I want to help you not only discover your Type, but help you shed old ways of doing things that aren't serving you, or your relationships, any longer. I want to help you love others better by seeing them through a new lens of compassion, knowing they see the world through a different lens.


This 3-5 session program is designed to help participants discover their type, and identify their dominant wing and instinctual subtype. Not sure what any of that means? Not to worry, you are in the right place! These 1 hour sessions can be done in person over coffee or via Zoom call. The goal is growth and transformation so you can love and lead others better.


The Enneagram is an incredibly effective tool to help understand group and team dynamics.  This introductory workshop explains how the Enneagram works and includes an explanation for all nine personality types. It also includes an introductory Enneagram assessment. Participants will come away with a better understanding of themselves and their group/team. This workshop is perfect families, work groups, operations teams and small groups.


After spending 16 years as a broadcast journalist and newsroom leader, Meredith is now a public relations professional with a small, but growing agency in Grand Rapids. As a former assistant news director, anchor, producer, and reporter, she has worked with all kinds of strong and unique personalities.


Meredith lives in Grand Rapids, MI with her husband Eric and their two small children. While they love living near downtown, they also love spending time on the lakeshore.


She believes that knowing the Enneagram can elevate every relationship in your life. It impacts how you parent, love your spouse, and interact with your friends, co-workers, parents and siblings. 

Crendentials: B.A. in Communications from Hope College, Enneagram Certification from Your Enneagram Coach 



Grand Rapids, MI
Tel: 616-283-2112

If you are interested in personal coaching or having Meredith lead a workshop for your group, club, or team, fill out the form.  Thank you!

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